I had to review something American right? After living in USA for over 20 years I have to talk about  fast food as well.

This one came as a surprise. Coming back from a networking event and picking my niece from her school with my sister we decided to get some ‘to-go’ food. And there we were in front of the @KFC. I usually get the bucket with lots of fried chicken to share and mashed potatoes, gravy.

I decided to give it a chance and try something else. I have a sweet tooth which caused me to get Pepsi as well. I probably should not have but I did.

I decided to order Wicked Zinger Meal. This comes with Zinger Fried Chicken Burger, Fries, 2 hot wings, corn (my choice) and a drink.


Generally, it was good. Temperature was ok.Bun was fresh but fried chicken and 2 hot wings were not crunchy enough for my taste. Seasoning was also ok. I expected a bigger kick in spice department.

Nothing great or good as @Chick-fil- a in USA or @Zaxby’s in the south. I think I might have spoiled myself with greatness of fried chicken experts in USA.

Then there was a packaging issue I thought was interesting which caused my wings fall from the bottom of the package.

We also got a wrong drink as well as under and over filled drinks. Overfilled drink was also all over my jeans in the car.

Service was nice, speedy not perfect. Employee’s were nice for a ‘To-go’ establishment.

You will probably hear a lot from me about the quality of service in UK which is a subject dramatically annoys me. But thru my business @SpreadConsult I will train one restaurant at a time.

Also my new book that is given to me as a gift teaching me how to be a proper British adding some humor into it as well. This book told me that British do not complain.

Just my 2 cents, if you are not happy about service please say something in a nicest possibly way.

Hours :11:00 am-11:00 pm

Pics credit: @KFC

Don’t forget to add your own thoughts and please keep it classy!


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